Who is Alex Taiwo?


Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Youth Activist, CEO at Think ADesign Group

"Success Is Not A Destination, It Is A Journey”

The road to consistent success is lonely, hard work and filled with tribulations. Join my community today; together we can become successors in all areas of our life.

My Latest Book : LOST NOW FOUND - The Secret to Unlocking Your Hidden Potential in 30 Days


The aim of this eBook is not to revise what you already know about dream chasing, self-improvement, goal setting etc.

This is a jump-starter packed with key indicators that will ensure you continue to remain excited about the journey/process and possess the right mind set to navigate in times of hardship and tribulations while reaching for the greatest version of yourself.

I covered 4 core topics in this book:

  • How to unlock your potential
  • How your thoughts create your future
  • The basic principles of taking risks
  • Unlocking your rich and hidden potential


He is a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. He enjoy the thrill of starting something new and working effectively to solve any given problems. He feel much alive to know he inspire others to do it even better. 


In his free time he enjoy reading, writing his books, blogging, vlogging, travel, social networking, mentoring and keeping in shape in the gym.


Alex is currently undergoing his (MSc) in Digital Marketing at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Alex completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) hons, Information Technology Project Management in 2013 at the University of Bolton.

He also completed National Certificate in Electronics & Electrical Engineering at The Manchester College in 2009.


When Alex is not on stage speaking at an event; he is a digital and marketing specialist with years’ of business development experience working with events & service companies. He is well embraced for counselling businesses on websites including SEO, social media, eCommerce platform for trading, digital & general marketing strategy and management.

For his online marketing growth tips visit: TAD360 Blog