Lost Now Found eBook 1st Edition

The Secret to Unlocking Your Hidden Potential in 30 Days


The aim of this eBook is not to revise what you already know about dream chasing, self-improvement, goal setting etc.

This is a jump-starter packed with key indicators that will ensure you continue to remain excited about the journey/process and possess the right mindset to navigate in times of hardship and tribulations while reaching for the greatest version of yourself.


5 benefits of studying this book:

  1. Enrich your mindset
  2. Set those goals
  3. Take those required actions
  4. Chase those dreams
  5. Live a life with purpose


I covered 4 core topics in this book:

  • How to unlock your potential
  • How your thoughts create your future
  • The basic principles of taking risks
  • Unlocking your rich and hidden potential

What People are Saying About this eBook


" I have worked closely with Alex in my career and what you will learn from this eBook will change your life"

- A Akanbi (Creative Design Guru at Manchester University Press) - Manchester 


"I have been privileged to be one of the first to read this eBook and I can tell you, it will challenge the way you think. This eBook is not an exception to how inspiring Alex's content are. It will make you reason beyond your average imagination. I will highly recommend this helpful guide to anyone in search of "how to tap into their hidden potential."

- O Aigbedo (International Author, Businessman) - Leicester


I am a strong believer in striving for greatness and this eBook share helpful pointers and helpful tips. So much so I rolled it out to 70+ young members of my organisation to read. This is one of the best shortest eBook packed with this much knowledge.

K Walker (CEO at KYSO Club) - Manchester